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Steve Fitch studio visit

By definition a photographer works with light, so it seems a very natural path for photographer Steve Fitch to wander between working with photography and creating neon sculptures. He has enjoyed a long and successful career and currently is a member of the faculty of Santa Fe University of Art and Design. You can see samples of his work at

Herb Lotz studio visit

Herbert Lotz is a respected photographer and artist. His work has shown recently at Verve Gallery. Among the many places his work has been published Fresco Fine Art Publication‘s ‘Photography New Mexico’ has a great spread on his work. The Palace of the Governor’s did a ‘Through the Lens‘ video interview with Herb in 2009.

Meridel Rubenstein studio visit

Among Meridel Rubenstein’s many artistic achievements are a Guggenheim Fellowship and graduate work with Minor White at MIT. Widely exhibited and currently teaching as a visiting associate professor at the School of Art, Design, and Media at Nanyang University in Singapore. Meridel’s studio outside of Santa Fe is similar to many modern photographer’s studios in the way the darkroom has become an occasional storage room and, in Meridel’s case, a place for her large format digital printer. You can see Meridel’s work at

Russell Thurston studio visit

Russell Thurston creates beautiful images using wax and pigments, encaustic painting. I think it was the first time I ever saw anyone paint with a soldering iron. You can see more of Russell’s work at

James Bourland studio visit

James Bourland setting type, running letterpress, printing fine art editions and working at the Palace Print Shop and Bindery in his spare time.

Susan Contreras studio visit

Visiting the painter and photographer Susan Contreras in her studio was a little like going back stage, looking behind the scenery, or maybe lifting the mask.

Gail Rieke studio visit

Her studio was organized with precision and filled with mystery. Drawers and drawers and suitcases full of objects for her art. You can see her work at


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