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Braldt Bralds studio visit

Braldt Bralds‘ intricately detailed paintings and illustrations have graced publications such as Rolling Stone and Der Spiegel. You can see his work at

Rebecca ‘Puck’ Stair portrait

Location scout and location manager Rebecca ‘Puck’ Stair photographed near Galisteo New Mexico. +gmmb the agency and Creative America the client. Puck was a very good sport, as the mosquitos were taking full advantage of a windless evening in August.

Note: dive bombing mosquito circled in red.


Destiny Allison studio visit

Energetic Destiny Allison, runs a gallery of her own, is a member of the New Mexico Sculptors Guild, facilitates a monthly salon, is an author, makes sculptures and paints. You can see her work at and

Julia Cairns studio visit

Julia Cairns‘ path to New Mexico wandered thru Africa, source of much of her subject matter. She has done illustrations for numerous children’s books. You can see Julia’s work at


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